Business News

Business news is the area of journalism that covers commercial, economic and financial activities and trends. This type of news is typically found in newspapers and magazines, although it can also appear on television and radio. The majority of general news sources will have some business coverage, while specific industry publications, known as trade journals, may contain more in-depth news and analysis.

The word “business” has many different meanings, but it is most often used to refer to a company or organization that exchanges goods or services for money. These companies can be privately owned or publicly listed. They can be for-profit or not-for-profit, with the former aiming to return profits to owners and the latter investing all profit into achieving stated goals and improving infrastructure. Some businesses are specialized, such as Apple or Walmart, while others have a broad reach and operate across multiple industries like banking or agriculture.

There are many possible causes of bad business, from personal greed to insufficient scrutiny of corporate affairs. However, few, if any, business leaders have been accused of wickedness or evil intent. Instead, a more likely culprit is poor planning or execution, especially given the legal time lag between legislation and its enforcement.

Business News Daily is a digital news site covering the latest in small business, entrepreneurship and emerging industries. The website offers breaking news, expert analysis and opinion, and features a comprehensive calendar of events to help entrepreneurs and small business owners stay on top of their game. The site is edited by Adam Platt, who has over 10 years of journalistic and content marketing experience, most recently as the editor of small business news website Centerfield.

The Library of Congress maintains print and microform collections of national and international business news sources. These resources are available for use in the reading room at the Main Library in Washington, DC or at our regional libraries. The online versions of these resources are available for research worldwide. To learn more about the resources available, contact us via Ask-A-Librarian.