Digital Archive of the Daily News

A daily news is a newspaper that publishes every day and contains information about current events. There are a lot of different types of daily newspapers. For example, some focus on politics while others are more focused on business. Many people subscribe to daily newspapers because they are a good source of information about current events. There are also a lot of different online sources for daily news. Some of these sources include Facebook, Twitter, and Google. Some of these sites offer a variety of different news stories and some are updated often.

The Yale Daily News Historical Archive consists of digitized versions of the Yale Daily News, one of the oldest college newspapers in the United States. The archive contains nearly 180,000 searchable pages from 1919 to 2024. The archive is open to the public and can be accessed from anywhere in the world with an internet connection.

Founded in 1921, the Daily News is the first newspaper printed in tabloid format and was the most widely circulated American daily during its peak in 1947. At that time it was a major player in the national political scene and had a strong reputation as a journalistic institution.

Over the years, however, the paper had lost ground to its more sensational rival, the New York Post, and by the 1980s was struggling financially. It was operating at a loss of more than $1 million per month. The Tribune Company, which owned the Daily News at that time, offered the tabloid for sale, but it was unable to find a buyer. Closing the newspaper was also considered, but it would have cost more than $100 million in severance pay and pensions.

In an attempt to turn around its fortunes, the News made several big changes. In the fall of 1993 it invested $60 million in color presses to compete with USA Today, and began a campaign to reposition itself as a serious tabloid. It also made a number of significant personnel changes and hired a new editor, James Willse, to implement the changes.

These changes helped the newspaper begin to recover its profits and by 1994 was operating at a healthy level. Nevertheless, the competition from online news and the continued decline in newspaper readership meant that by the early 21st century the News was losing its grip on the city’s attention.

In an attempt to reclaim its prominence, the paper went back to its roots and became more provocative in its tone and style. In 1975 the Daily News rolled out what became known as “The Ford Screamer,” which read, in all caps, “FORD TO CITY: DROP DEAD.” The headline was in response to President Gerald Ford’s veto of a bankruptcy bailout for New York City.