How to Find Business News at the Library of Congress

Business news is the section of a newspaper, magazine or online publication dedicated to reporting on events and trends that impact the worlds of finance, commerce and industry. Business news often covers topics such as economic indicators, stock market performance, governmental fiscal and monetary policy and the overall state of the economy. It may also include news regarding specific companies, entrepreneurship, leadership and innovation.

The business news genre is distinct from financial news, which reports on stock markets and broader investment trends. The distinction is important because it highlights the fact that businesses operate in a variety of industries and therefore face unique challenges and opportunities not faced by investors or other professionals working in the financial sector.

Depending on the source, business news may cover domestic and international economic trends. It can also report on the state of various industries and sectors within a country, as well as provide analysis and commentary on political developments that could affect the business environment. In addition, it often covers the operations of large corporations and may report on issues pertaining to corporate governance, regulatory policies, mergers and acquisitions, and investor relations.

A major focus of business news is the economy, and it is often reported that companies with a strong focus on innovation are better able to weather changing market conditions. It can also be reported that companies with a good culture of ethics and inclusion are more likely to succeed.

In addition to the economy, other topics frequently covered in business news include globalization and foreign policy. These areas of interest are of particular importance to companies doing business in the global marketplace or with foreign partners. Business news can also report on political turmoil and instability, as well as natural disasters that could impact the economy.

The Library of Congress has many print and microform sources of business news, both national and international. This guide focuses on general resources available at the Library, however if you are interested in conducting more specific research or would like assistance finding regional news sources, please feel free to ask a librarian using our Ask-A-Librarian service. This service is available in-person and via email from anywhere in the world. Additionally, you can find additional tips for finding business news by visiting our Search the Library Catalog page.