How to Stay Informed on Business News

business news

Business news can be found in a number of places, from the Wall Street Journal to the local newspaper. In fact, business coverage gained prominence in the 1990s, as investors started to splurge on the stock market. However, while the latest stock price gimmick may be all the rage, there’s a much bigger business news story afoot. This is especially true in the western hemisphere, where a handful of startups are trying to shake up the retail scene and nab a piece of the trillion dollar pie.

The business news of the day can be found in a number of ways, from the aforementioned paper version to a smartphone app. For instance, the CNBC Breaking Business News app provides actionable financial information, as well as breaking news alerts. Likewise, the TheStreet app features the best of both worlds: up-to-date market news, plus stock-picking tips from experts. Aside from the aforementioned apps, the Missouri Partnership’s website offers an abundance of local information, from the average salary to job and school information.

While it’s not possible to know everything about every company on the planet, it’s a good idea to know which ones are doing the most to boost the local economy. For example, Target, Ulta, and the like are leveraging their small scale to stay nimble, and keep up with the times. They also provide a platform for innovative entrepreneurs to talk to a highly diverse consumer base.

The Wall Street Journal, while not the cheapest of business news sites, is one of the largest in terms of readership and coverage. It’s also among the most prestigious. As with most newspapers, a subscription will give you access to the latest headlines, but you can get even more value from a premium subscription.

On the other hand, the lesser-known CNBC Breaking Business News app is a worthy competitor to its more expensive counterparts. Available for Android and iPhone, this app gives you all the market data you could ever need to stay up-to-date on the most important business stories of the day. You can also take advantage of the company’s free business news alert emails, which are the simplest of business models.

The Missouri Partnership’s website, which was re-imagined in 2013 as the Missouri Source Link, is also worth a look. Not only does it provide news and analysis on state issues and the economy, but it also includes an industry cluster map, employment statistics, and personal action plans for both individuals and businesses. Among other things, the site features a list of the state’s fastest-growing private companies. Lastly, it has a number of resources to help you find the right business partner, or just get a leg up on your competition.