New Law – What Is It?

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In the legal world, new law can mean many things. It can refer to a way of working with underserved clients or it can mean a focus on new ways to reach out to the public. It can also be a way to use different technology and a method of delivering services that is not traditional for a law firm. A well thought out plan using new law techniques can allow a legal company to offer the help that certain clients need without impacting areas of legal practice that might be the primary focus of the company.

This article provides a definition of “collect” and “disclose.” It applies to any collection, release, transfer, disclosure, dissemination or other communication of personal information by any state agency, or any person acting on behalf of or for the agency’s business purposes. It is an expansion of the privacy protections established in chapter 155 of the public officers law.

SS 209. Notification of breach of system or network security; shared data

This section establishes notification requirements regarding breaches of system or network security and other cyber incidents that affect the privacy and security of personal information of any individual who uses a state agency’s internet website. It defines a breach of security as the unauthorized access, acquisition or alteration by an unauthorized individual of personal information transmitted, received or stored by a state agency or on its behalf through a website maintained by the agency. The act requires the State Information Technology Manager to report such incidents to the Governor and the Legislature, and establishes reporting and remediation procedures.

SS 309. Disclosing personal information; exceptions.

This bill prohibits the disclosure of certain personal information by any public officer unless the subject of the information is a crime or the subject of a civil rights action. It also requires that an individual receive written notice of the disclosure. This bill is based on a recommendation of the Commission on Ethics and Fairness.

New laws are in effect as of July 1. The laws include recognition of Juneteenth as an official state holiday, the Firearm Industry Responsibility Act, streamlining construction of affordable housing and more.