New Laws – What’s New in 2010?

law new

Law New

The new year brings a host of laws that impact how people live, work and play. Some changes come into effect on January 1, while others take place over time.

Among the more significant is a new law that allows the public to request that data brokers delete their personal information. Another change comes in April when the state will increase the minimum wage for fast food workers to $16 an hour and establishes a Fast Food Council to determine future pay increases.

Other laws expand the definition of who can be put on an involuntary mental health hold and make it easier to force someone to seek treatment, while other laws prohibit authorities from cooperating with out-of-state investigations and bounty hunters from apprehending doctors or health care practitioners based in California who mail abortion pills or gender-affirming treatment to patients in other states. The new laws also provide legal protections to foster parents who are screened to ensure that children are placed in supportive, safe and gender-affirming homes. Lastly, the law expands the types of vehicles that can be stored indoors as long as they meet certain safety standards.