The Daily News

Founded in 1919 by Joseph Medill Patterson, who also owned the Chicago Tribune, the Daily News became the first successful tabloid newspaper in America. It attracted readers with sensational coverage of crime and scandal, lurid photographs and cartoons, and celebrity gossip. The paper also boasted intense city news coverage and a staff of star columnists that included Jimmy Breslin, Pete Hamill and Liz Smith. It won 11 Pulitzer Prizes during its history and was once the most read newspaper in the country.

In 1993, real estate magnate Mort Zuckerman purchased the News and launched an aggressive effort to turn it around. He invested $60 million in color presses, allowing the paper to compete with USA Today and to return to profitability. In addition, he steered the News away from a staunchly Republican position toward a “flexibly centrist” stance that allowed it to appeal to both conservatives and liberals. During his tenure, the Daily News won another Pulitzer Prize.

In 1995, with its print plant now located in New Jersey, the Daily News left its home in the News Building, moving to a single floor of a Manhattan office. In the same year, it established what would become WPIX, with call letters based on its nickname; and in 1996 began publishing the quarterly (later monthly) insert BET Weekend for African Americans.

Despite the success of these efforts, circulation continued to drop. In 2017 the News was on the verge of extinction, and in September of that year it was acquired for one dollar by Tronc, which had evolved from the newspaper’s founder, the Tribune Company. Tronc vowed to maintain the newspaper’s “incomparable journalistic integrity.”

Each day the News publishes an article with comprehension and critical thinking questions for students at all levels of school. The questions are a good way to engage students in the reading of the daily news, and they also help teachers assess student understanding of the topic. The article is accompanied by “Background” and “Resources” sections that can be used by students to further investigate the story.

The Daily News is available in the E-dition, an interactive online version of the newspaper. The E-dition features a simple user interface and the latest digital tools that offer an enhanced reading experience for users. It is available on computers and mobile devices, including iPhones and iPads.

The Daily News offers a variety of subscription options, including daily digital access to the news and special weekend editions. Subscribers can also get the Daily News on the go by downloading the free mobile app for Apple or Android devices. The app allows users to read articles, view multimedia and download the full newspaper every day. It is the best way to keep up with news on your favorite topics from anywhere. Subscribers can even access a live feed of the Daily News on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, enabling them to stay connected with the latest news. They can also get alerts to breaking news stories on their smartphone.