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The New York Daily News is a morning tabloid newspaper in the United States. It was the first successful American tabloid and at its peak circulation in 1947 it was the eleventh highest circulated daily newspaper in the country. The Daily News is famous for its sensational crime and celebrity coverage, lurid photographs, and comics. The paper is also known for its intense city news coverage, politics and the latest gossip and entertainment.

Daily News award-winning writers, columnists and opinion formers bring you the very best in live national and local news and New York exclusives. Get the latest on Yankees, Mets, Giants and Jets along with political stories and a variety of opinions from around the world. Read the very latest stories from your favorite news sources right on your mobile device. You can download the editions for offline reading and you can share articles with friends through email. The New York Daily News app is designed to be fast and easy to use.

This collection features the full front pages of newspapers from across the United States and many nations around the world. Click on any headline to view a larger version in your browser or to visit the website associated with that front page. This collection is updated each day to reflect the latest newspapers to appear on our site.

In the early days of the Daily News, it was common for readers to record their own copies in a diary or letter book, and then mail them to family members or friends, or to store them in an album. The newspaper’s earliest front pages, dating back to 1855, are now available online through the Daily News Historical Archive.

Each Daily News article includes comprehension and critical thinking questions that help students build their understanding of the news story. In addition, “Background” and “Resources” (including video clips, maps and links) are provided to enhance the student experience. YDN is proud to support educational uses of its content. If you wish to republish our work, please review the YDN Rights and Permissions page. Thanks to the generosity of an anonymous Yale alumnus, all current and past issues of The Daily News can now be browsed in our online archive. This gift has also facilitated the migration of the archive to a new platform and will ensure its ongoing maintenance and preservation.