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New York Daily News, originally the Illustrated Daily News, is one of the oldest daily newspapers in the United States. It has a strong history of investigative journalism, and focuses on social, political, and economic issues. A newspaper based in New York, the Daily News also has a strong emphasis on sports and breaking news.

The Daily News’ first edition appeared in 1919. The publication grew from a small, illustrated weekly newspaper into a full-fledged tabloid that was a popular and influential media outlet for decades. Today, the Daily News is owned by Tribune Publishing. This newspaper is published in dozens of cities across the U.S. and internationally. In 2017, the Daily News won the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service.

The Daily News has also won a number of Pulitzer Prizes for commentary and feature writing. Among them, there is the Pulitzer Prize for Feature Writing, which is awarded to a newspaper that has written an extensive, well-reported story on a particular topic. Similarly, the Daily News has won a number of Pulitzer Prizes in editorials, as well.

Since its founding, the New York Daily News has cast its wary eyes over the five boroughs of New York City. From covering politics and crime to bringing the voiceless into the spotlight, the Daily News has always been a news outlet that emphasized the voices of the underserved.

The Daily News’ interactive edition is available on computers, as well as on mobile devices, and offers an enhanced reading experience. Users can swipe between pages and share stories through email. In addition, the paper features large photographs, classified ads, comics, and an opinion section. Using the Daily News’ interactive edition, users can download a copy to read offline.

When the New York Daily News was founded in 1919, it was the only daily newspaper in the United States printed in a tabloid format. Readers were drawn to the sensational coverage of crime and social intrigue that the Daily News provided. After the First World War, the paper began to offer more extensive photography and cartoons. During the 1940s, the paper was a staunch conservative and supported isolationism in the wake of the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.

In the mid-1970s, the Daily News began to shift, moving to the newly constructed 450 West 33rd Street building. Architects John Mead Howells and Raymond Hood designed the building. Eventually, The News Building became an official city landmark.

While the Daily News is no longer a popular newspaper, its mission remains to cover the stories of everyday life in the city of New York. The newspaper has been home to journalistic giants, and has given voice to the voices of the underserved. For many, the Daily News has been a source of comfort and hope.

The Daily News, which has won eleven Pulitzer Prizes, maintains local bureaus in the Bronx and Brooklyn. The daily paper also has an active opinion section and features a wide array of award-winning writers.