What Is Business News?

The business news section of a newspaper or magazine covers events that affect the worlds of commerce, finance and economics. It is a broad and expansive area of journalism that encompasses a wide variety of topics, from international economic issues to local financial scandals. The scope of business news may also include coverage of sports, entertainment and political business affairs. Business news is usually published in newspapers, magazines and online. It can also be found on TV and radio news programs. In addition, specific business news can be found in trade publications that focus on a particular industry.

A business is any entity that seeks to profit from providing goods or services in exchange for payment. A business does not have to be profitable to qualify as a business, but it must have the intention of profit from its activities. A business can be as simple as an individual with a side hustle or it can be as large as a multinational corporation. Regardless of size, a business must operate legally to be considered a business.

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