What is Law New?

Law new is a term that describes the new vocabulary and terminology students encounter as they enter law school. It includes terms like:

legal dictionary

The New York State Law Dictionary is a comprehensive, easy-to-use reference book for students of the law and lawyers. It provides definitions and explanations of the most commonly used legal terms in New York State law.

law dictionary

Legal terms are a part of every lawyer’s language, but they can seem intimidating to someone who has never studied them. This glossary will help readers of legal terms understand what is being said in court or written in a legal document.

legal dictionary

Law: 1. The set of rules and principles that govern a government, or a group of people or individuals, and the way in which they are organized. 2. The process by which a government exercises its power over the lives of its citizens. 3. A written record of a court’s ruling on a particular matter, including the facts and arguments presented. 4. A system of law based on precedent and tradition, or that has been interpreted and developed by judges and attorneys.

the law library:

The Law Library of Congress is the world’s largest repository of law books and other legal resources. Its collections reflect the evolving needs of the federal government and the global legal community.

the law library’s mission:

The Law Library is dedicated to providing legal and research services to Congress, the Supreme Court, the executive branch of the U.S. Government, other federal agencies and the public. The Library strives to maintain the highest standard of access and service in the face of significant budget challenges, limited resources, and changing technology.

the law library’s collection policy:

The Collection Development Committee, which is comprised of law librarians and other staff, sets policies on the acquisition, retention, processing, and availability of collections in the Law Library. The Committee’s mission is to ensure that the Law Library maintains an excellent and equitable collection of materials to meet the research needs of its users.

the law library’s collection is open for research use without charge, unless it contains information protected by copyright or other intellectual property laws. All requests to inspect or borrow items must be made in writing. The Library must receive the request at least three business days before the item is needed. The library reserves the right to decline any request for materials that it feels are inappropriate or unsuitable for the general public.

Law New is produced weekly by the staff of the Law Library of Congress. It is published on Thursdays and can be viewed online at:

legal dictionary

The clear, jargon-free Very Short Introduction cuts through the complexities of contemporary American law. It is ideal for those who want to understand the current American legal system at more than a superficial level, including non-law students, legal assistants, those outside the United States who are taking courses in American law and pre-law students, and graduate-level students in areas impacted by American law.