Sports Betting Rules and Limitations

sports betting

Sports betting is a huge global industry. Whether you prefer a wager on football, tennis or horse racing, there’s an excellent choice of sportsbooks online for you to choose from. However, you should be aware of the rules and limitations of each organization. Some organizations only allow betting on certain events or at certain times. There are also special rules for particular sports. If you are unsure about how these rules apply to your wagering, you should contact the Operator.

Non-starters include players, teams and individuals who do not begin the game or do not finish the game. The result of a match is determined by a number of factors, including but not limited to the goals and points scored by each team and a penalty awarded to one of the teams. In addition, penalties awarded prior to the start of the first half are ignored when determining the score.

Non-play is not included in the calculation of the goal differential and will not affect the outcome of a match bet. However, if a player withdraws from a match before the end of regulation time, all bets on that event will be refunded. In order to avoid any refunds, you should check the conditions of a match before placing your bet.

If a bet is placed on a disputed match, you will be refunded if it is rejected by the Operator. If the Operator accepts the bet, it will be settled based on the official results of the match. The final results will be announced at the end of the game. If a disputed decision is appealed or an amendment is made to the results, the bet will not be recognized for wagering purposes.

Unless otherwise stated in the Specific Sports Betting Rules, bets must be submitted with at least five minutes of scheduled game time remaining when the event has been halted for any reason. In addition, bets are not accepted for events that have been postponed.

The Operator reserves the right to suspend or not accept any bet or to stop betting on markets at any time. This includes but is not limited to the following situations:

If the Operator or a third party has provided live score updates, this is not a guarantee that the live scores are accurate. For that reason, the Operator is not responsible for any inaccurate or delayed live scores. Furthermore, the Operator’s interactive sports betting products are only valid when the event is taking place.

In Running (“Live”) bets are only available on matches marked as “Live”. These bets will be accepted until the end of the live market. If the Operator ceases to offer a live market, all bets will be void. These bets will be accepted on the basis of the Official Governing Body’s final score, which is the same result as the official score of the event. If there are changes to the result of a match or the conditions of the match change, the bets will be settled on the new results.