Where to Find Business News

The business news section of a newspaper or magazine focuses on the economic and financial aspects of the world’s societies. Its coverage ranges from specific industries and companies to macroeconomic trends and global events that affect the economy. Often it is grouped with economic news or international news, but it can also be found on its own. Business news is an important and popular aspect of journalism, and its stories can be found in newspapers, magazines, radio and television broadcasts as well as online.

A business is an organization that exchanges goods or services for money or other value. These organizations may be privately or publicly owned. Those that operate for profit are known as for-profit businesses, and those that invest their profits into achieving goals and improving infrastructure are called not-for-profit entities. Business operations can take many forms, from small, local enterprises to multinational corporations with headquarters around the world.

Founded in 1999, Business News Daily is the leading authority on startup and early stage business. BND’s team of experienced writers, journalists and editors provide the latest in business news for entrepreneurs and startups. Their expertise spans across a wide array of topics, including marketing, technology and emerging sectors like legal cannabis, electric vehicles and artificial intelligence. The site is dedicated to bringing its audience the latest news and information from the business world, and strives to be an advocate for small and mid-sized businesses everywhere.

Skye Schooley is a staff writer for Business News Daily with a focus on human resources and workplace issues. Her articles explore how companies can build a stronger organizational culture, improve employee retention and promote diversity in the workforce. She also covers how businesses can leverage new technologies and tools that help manage their employees, including HR software, PEO services and time tracking applications.

While much business news is sourced from general newspapers and magazines, there are a number of industry specific publications that offer business-related content as well. A good place to start is by consulting an industry guide, such as the one compiled by the Library of Congress, which can help identify the best sources for finding business news and information about specific fields.

In addition to traditional print and online business news publications, the Library of Congress provides access to a variety of government documents that contain important business information as well. These can be located by searching the Government Documents Catalog, and include congressional hearing transcripts, agency reports, regulations and legislative histories.