Weekly, Daily, and Weekly Newspapers

Daily news refers to stories published by newspapers that report on events that occur during a day. Typically, these events are local in nature, although they may also include national, international or global news items. In addition to reporting on daily news, a newspaper often publishes editorials and letters to the editor that address issues of public concern. Some larger newspapers also have a section that covers lifestyle topics such as fashion, food and entertainment.

Weekly newspapers follow a similar format to daily newspapers, but they are usually smaller in size and focus on a specific coverage area. They may be published on either Wednesday or Thursday and often feature a section devoted to community news, obituaries and sports. Larger weeklies, especially those that are part of chains, may also offer lifestyle features such as reviews of local theater and arts and a restaurant review section. They may also have a food section that concentrates on local recipes. In addition to the regular sections, many weeklies have a public-records page that contains summaries of police incidents, fire department calls and court dispositions. In addition, they may provide a list of building permits issued by local governments.

Most weeklies employ one or more full-time staff reporters and photographers, as well as a news clerk and a circulation manager. In addition, they typically hire a number of freelance correspondents who are paid on a per-story basis. The staff is responsible for writing the news and other articles, editing and proofing the paper, and preparing ad sales sheets for advertisers.

In addition to the regular news and sports pages, a weekly newspaper often has a special section devoted to community news, obituaries, weddings and other special events. It is not unusual for a weekly to feature several photographs of these events in order to attract attention. Other popular sections of a weekly newspaper may include a feature on a particular sports team from the city or region, or the results of a recent competition such as a marathon.

Most of the news reported in a weekly newspaper is generated by its own reporters, but some may also be provided by wire services and other news sources. A good weekly newspaper will try to include a balance of news and opinion, with an emphasis on the former. A good weekly newspaper will also contain the latest celebrity gossip, a comics page and a sports section. It will also contain a section that provides information on local schools and community groups.